Camp Guidelines

Camp Bethel 2014

Campers, Parents, Staff, and all others involved,

As many of you know, last year was our first year directing Camp Bethel; we feel it went smoothly and was very fulfilling. We are looking forward to this year and praying that our Heavenly Father will gather campers and staff that He desires to be there. Each one should come prepared to have fun, meet others who are like-minded, and most importantly, nourish their relationship with Him! We have set out these guidelines in hopes that all realize a lack of participation, disrespect, and defiance will not only distract from the camp experience, but it will also quench the Spirit. Campers, please follow these guidelines. Parents, be sure your children have read and understand the guidelines. Staff and others, remember you are the examples at camp, the youth will look up to you and take to heart your words and actions.


*No tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, or pocket knives over 2½ inches.
*No one (youth or staff) leaves camp without permission of a camp director.
*All campers must have permission from a camp director before going into the timber.
*Food is not to be taken into cabins. (Food brings in the army…the army of ants, that is!)
*Dispose of trash in provided containers.
*Wear proper (modest) clothing! (No bikinis, short-shorts, tight clothing, midriffs
showing, spaghetti straps, halter tops. Wear shoes. Boys, wear shirts. You may
need old clothes for playing in the water/mud. Most importantly, remember that
your clothing style and/or phrases on the clothing can be a distraction for others,
please pack accordingly.)
*CD players, laptops, games, mp3 players, iPods, iPads, iPhones, and cell phones can be
great, but, when used inappropriately, they will be a major distraction. Please keep
this in mind as you pack and know that staff may ask you to put away your
*If you choose to bring snacks or sweets, plan to store them in the kitchen to avoid having
food in the cabins. You’ll need to meet with the appointed person to retrieve those
items. (Remember the army mentioned above?! Also, consider sharing with others.)
*Generally, campers are not to “hang out” in the kitchen.
*Respect others! Plan to be kind and respectful toward others (campers and
staff).Especially remember-if staff did not volunteer their time, there would be
no “week at camp”!
*Respect the belongings of others. Ask permission before borrowing, put things back
where you found them, etc,…Also, the campgrounds and cabins are borrowed. Treat
them right, someone will have to fix anything that gets lost or damaged.
*Parents/guardians will be notified in case of extreme behavioral problems. If issues are
not resolved, campers may be asked to leave.

Note to Parents/Guardians:
Please review this packet with your child/children and clarify that they understand these guidelines. We would love feedback and suggestions from you and your children (what is your favorite or least favorite thing about camp, etc).
We would also appreciate it if you would visit with your young people about how to have a great camp experience (temporally and spiritually).
Please encourage your child to share their talents during their stay at camp. Examples could be singing, playing piano (keyboard), guitar, or other instruments, storytelling, poetry, mime, acting, art and/or any other abilities your child would be willing to share. Let us know ahead of time if we can provide any needed items.
Feel free to call, text, or email with any concerns, questions, or information you feel we, as camp directors, would benefit from. Karla 402-659-8211